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Emblem: Château d'Arcins

· A Legendary ·

Strong characters attract attention, and Château d’Arcins is one not to be missed. Anyone who has ever travelled the famous Route des Châteaux will recognise it. Between Margaux and Saint-Julien, just as you enter the village of Arcins, its vast iron gate commands the visitor’s attention. Among the remarkable properties located along this most prestigious of routes, Château d’Arcins stands out for its remarkable wooded gardens, which are as impressive as the building they surround. A unique atmosphere makes it clear that the property is a place where history is written. Indeed, Château d’Arcins brings a legendary quality to the Médoc, just as the property’s wines tell the region’s extraordinary story.

A bottle of Château d'Arcins à table

· Full of ·

Château d’Arcins is steeped in character and overflowing with history… a place that inspires all who enter. Dressed stone façades decorated with pilasters, a sculpture lined pediment, stained glass windows… the property’s architecture unveils its legendary origins. And while the vineyard owes its existence to fourteenth century Knights of the Templar, the responsibility to passionately preserve and protect its heritage today rests with the Castel family.


Château d’Arcins is one of the Médoc’s oldest properties. Extraordinarily well preserved, it is one of the guardians of a vineyard that can be traced back to the year 1300. Beyond bricks and mortar, the property epitomises the region’s famous personality, defined by the extraordinary character of its landscapes, locals and lifestyle.


An unmissable stop on the Bordeaux region’s famous Route des Châteaux, Château d’Arcins is an enduring presence at the heart of its eponymous village. The château even gave the village its timeless name, by way of a certain Chevalier d’Ars, who can be traced back to when the place was home to Knights of the Order of Malta.

Map: la Route des Grands Vins
A stained glass window in the Château d'Arcins barrel cellar


Having fallen in love with the château’s remarkable vineyard, the Castel Family acquired the property in 1971. Since that date, they have carried out a number of ambitious renovation projects, striving to reveal the property’s full potential. While a number of properties have since joined the family’s portfolio, this one continues to occupy a special place in the family history.


Château d’Arcins’ never-ending pursuit of quality allows it to be recognised year on year by the Crus Bourgeois classification, and to count among the members of the prestigious Grand Cercle des Vins de Bordeaux. Both of these institutions are vehicles enabling the property to pursue its long-standing commitment to the Médoc, defending the region’s interests and upholding its values.

grand cercle de Bordeaux

Cultivating the Legend

Some legends are maintained. The Château d’Arcins legend is cultivated. Although its 101 hectare vineyard, planted in a single block around the estate, represents an extraordinary heritage, a considerable amount of work is required in order to reveal its full potential. This kind of technical precision necessitates close attention to the vines, and a deep respect for the property’s natural heritage, of which we are no more than temporary custodians. This is why Château d’Arcins is committed to responsible vineyard management, subscribing to the tenets of sustainable winegrowing that are enshrined by the Terra Vitis certification, held since 2018.

Logo Terra Vitis

A bunch of grapes at Château d'Arcins
The Château d'Arcins vines


At Château d’Arcins, terroirs and varietals work as a pair, bringing out the essence of the Haut-Médoc. To the north of the property, gravelly soils reveal the elegance of the Cabernet Sauvignon. To the south, Merlot thrives in pockets of clay-rich soils, especially in a plot named “Queue de Boeuf” located near Moulis, which provides the blend with its signature mouthfeel.


At a vineyard with a density of 9600 plants per hectare, the deeply rooted vines are aged on average 30 years. This enables them access to the soil’s water and nutrients, encouraging biological activity and, in so doing, giving voice to the terroir.

Plot Selection

Despite its size, the Château d’Arcins vineyard is managed with an approach based on rigorous plot selection. Attention to detail is as crucial in the vines as it is in the winery, especially when it comes to planting grass covers, which must be adapted to the vines’ rate of growth according to the particularities of the vintage. The chateau’s approach centres on understanding the terroir, bringing together respect for tradition and a desire for constant evolution.

Plot map of the Château d'Arcins winery

· Force of ·

In the winery, Château d’Arcins displays the full force of its character. The interplay of lights and colours created by the stained-glass windows, coupled with the gentle trickle of the ornamental fountain, contribute to a peaceful atmosphere that belies a certain intensity of temperament. As far as vinification goes, the aim here is to perpetuate tradition, to preserve the unique style of the Médoc. At Château d’Arcins, timeless classicism is a stated objective.

Circular winery

Château d’Arcins boasts an impressive circular winery, housing 20 temperature-controlled stainless steel vats. The structure provides the technical team with perfect control over the winemaking process. Its form suggests power and vision. Built in 1981, the circular winery was the first of its kind in the region, and has inspired a number of imitators.

1200 barrels

Measuring 100 metres in length, the cellar contains over 1200 French oak barrels, sourced from five different cooperages. Each and every one of them contributes to the character of the wines aged here over the course of 12 months, in 80% one or two wine barrels and 20% new barrels.

The Château d'Arcins winery from above
Detail of a bottle of Château d'Arcins


If the varietals and terroirs that define the property come in pairs, another duet is performed in the winery. Antoine Medeville, consultant oenologist with a number of Bordeaux success stories to his name, works hand in hand with Bruno Teyssier, Médoc born and bred, who has managed the property since 1982. Together, they strive to forge the intense character of the property’s wines, and carry on the region’s noble winemaking tradition.


The Château d’Arcins style is centred on roundness, very much in the image of its iconic circular winery. Volume, silky tannins, full body and sucrosity are the watchwords, all of which demand careful handling of the lees. From rousing in the vat to stirring during the barrel-aging process: every stage of the winemaking process, including every tasting in the barrel cellar, is part of the same pursuit of flavour.

Bottle : Château d'Arcins

Château d'Arcins


As the property’s flagship wine, Château d’Arcins is an homage to the bold style that defines wines from the Haut-Médoc… This is an aromatic wine, made from a blend of 50% Merlot and 50% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Colour: Deep, dark crimson.

Nose: Attractive aromas of black fruit and mocha.

Palate: A powerful palate characterised by luxurious tannins, softened by the notes of eucalyptus that give this wine its freshness and complexity.

93/100 James Suckling (2016 vintage)
91/100 Decanter (2018 vintage)
90-91/100 Decanter Asia (2018 vintage)
Bottle : Chevalier d'Arcins

Chevalier d'Arcins


Chevalier d’Arcins, the property’s second wine, is an excellent introduction to the Haut-Médoc. Lighter and more accessible than the property’s flagship wine, the Chevalier d’Arcins blend is majority Merlot.

Colour: Intense.

Nose: Marked by the character of its terroir.

Palate: Merlot and Cabernet-Sauvignon make for a well-balanced profile and a long, rich, refined finish.

GOLD Challenge International du Vin (2016 vintage)
Detail of the Château d'Arcins manor house

Châteaux et Domaines Castel

Château d’Arcins is one of the jewels in the Castel Family Estates crown.

The Family Estates are an expression of our expertise, our passion for terroir, and our commitment to sustainability.

We have specialized in French wine since our establishment over 60 years ago. As both winemakers and wine merchants, Castel Châteaux & Grands Crus’ fine wine expertise has continually grown and evolved to the present day.

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